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About Us

Our Mission

Is to provide integrated services to the mining industry. We want to be able to provide the necessary tools so as to enable us to achieve efficient successful mineral exploitation. Within this parameter we provide our clients services that include mine planning, pre-stripping, extraction, pile movement, access infrastructure and road construction. All of these processes are undertaken with primary consideration for worker security and safety as well as environmental protection.

Our Vision

Is to maintain and expand our potential value and leadership as a Pioneer Company in the provision of integrated mining services for mineral exploitation in open pit mines, providing rapid and effective solutions in anticipation of any and all obstacles that inevitable emerge during the exploitation process.

Our Company values are designed in four categories and cut across the entire organizational structure of our Company, from Management to each and every one of our employees.

  • A constant concern for keeping the client as the primary focus of all our business activities and making certain that we are measuring up to the client's expectations of our services.
  • Through our uncompromising commitment to quality we execute all aspects of our labor with maximum effort to insure that all work is completed efficiently and successfully.
  • We give top priority to team-work and consider it essential in the accomplishment of our goals and objectives. At the same time we highly value and encourage individual effort within the team structure and make certain the each Vecchiola employee prioritizes cooperation and integration in the completion of our projects.
  • We understand that the values of honesty, loyalty, integrity, trustworthiness and austerity are essential to protect our Company’s capital as well as our highly valued connection with the client, the protection of whom is considered of the highest priority.

Vecchiola provides a level of professionalism in all its Services that guarantees client satisfaction for both long and short term duration.