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We have positioned ourselves as a competitive actor in the Mining Services Business. Our clients have developed a high level of confidence in our Services as a result of Vecchiola's dedication and commitment to absolute diligence in the observance of the fundamental principles of 1) personnel security, health and safety, quality control, environmental protection and respect for the communities in which we operate -- all of which help significantly in adding to our clients chain of value.

Vecchiola provides a level of professionalism in all its Services that guarantees client satisfaction for both long and short term duration.

Our Services are provided by highly trained and specialized men and women with unquestionable personal integrity, and the strongest professional qualifications in project planning and coordination, execution and control of contracts in open-pit and underground mine exploitation, press-striping and/or partial unitary operation, equipment rental and road construction, as well as all related earth movement operations.

Our acquired and cumulative experience of over 40 years in operation allows us to provide a level of Service that is prepared to respond effectively to any of the challenges, obstacles and complexities inherent to the mining industry, for example:

Integral exploitation of open-pit mines.

Planning and Engineering of mining projects.

Financial & Economic evaluation of mining projects.




High tonnage loading and/or hauling.


Crushing and Screening.

Mineral processing.

Concrete mines.

Equipment rental.

The following is a list of some of our completed projects

Pre-Strippng at
Veta Blanca Mine

Drilling & Blasting: More than 311.423 Meters 5",6-3/4",7-7/8"

Loading and Hauling: More than 13.641.000 Tons Moved

Average Distance: 2.000 Meters

Assistance: 83.349 Hours in Equipment Operation

Production of Granular Materials at
Escondida Mine

Drilling: More than 155.844 Meters 7-7/8”,9-7/8”

Loading and Hauling: More than 14.000.000 Tons Moved

Average Distance: 2.100 Meters

Assistance: 51.616 Hours in Equipment Operation

Movement of Materials at
Escondida Mine

Loading and Hauling: More than 43.000.000 Tons Moved

Average Distance: 8.000 Meters

Assistance: 240.000 Hours in Equipment Operation

Exploitation and Processing of Minerals at Bellavista-LaCuca

Drilling & Blasting: More than 847.000 Meters 6-1/2”

Loading and Hauling: More than 49.000.000 Tons Moved

Average Distance: 1.500 Meters

Assistance: 150.000 Hours in Equipment Operation

Pre-Stripping at
Can-Can Mine

Drilling: More than 275.874 Meters 7-7/8”

Loading and Hauling: More than 14.766.000 Tons Moved

Average Distance: 1.723 Meters

Assistance: 31.946 Hours in Equipment Operation

Pre-Stripping at Puren Mine:
Phase 1 + Phase 2 + Phase 3

Drilling: More than 989.950 Meters 6-3/4”,7-7/8”

Loading and Hauling: More than 49.500.000 Tons Moved

Average Distance: 1.400 Meters

Assistance: 110.500 Hours in Equipment Operation

Exploitation of Integral

Drilling & Blasting: More than 960.531 Meters 5”,6-3/4”,7-7/8”

Loading and Hauling: More than 43.208.000 Tons Moved

Average Distance: 2.300 Meters

Assistance: 147.000 Hours in Equipment Operation

Exploitation at Rajo Aguilucho

Drilling: More than 106.031 Meters 6-1/2”

Loading and Hauling: More than 4.750.000 Tons Moved

Average Distance: 964 Meters

Assistance: 13.000 Hours in Equipment Operation

Heap Leach Operations

Loading and Hauling: More than 7.860.000 Tons Moved

Average Distance: 500 Meters

Assistance: 42.000 Hours in Equipment Operation