Industrial Division

Vecchiola`s Industrial Division has become a recognized leader due to our commitment to providing excellent quality mechanical and technical attention and support for our clients that operate mines in challenging and difficult geographical conditions. We provide a fleet of Mixer Trucks, Pump and Laboratory services staffed by highly qualified personnel.

Primary Equipment Fleet
Mixer 10 Mts³ Mobil Plant 80 Mts³/Hrs Asphalt Plant Laboratory Shovel and Bucket Repairs
Mixer 8 Mts³ Mobil Plant 60 Mts³/Hrs Concrete Plants   Frame Repairs
Mobil Plant 18 Mts³/Hrs Aggregate Plant   Housing Rectification
        Engine Test Bench
        Tire Handler

Some of our completed projects are as follows:

  • Design and Production of Shotcrete for Mining Structures
  • Production and Delivery of Concrete for Clean-up and Sanitation of Chilean Route 15
  • Production and Delivery of Concrete for Plant Sart at Maricunga
  • Construction and Delivery of Concrete for Crusher Plant at Santa Fe Mining
  • Production and Delivery of Dry-Packed Shotcrete for Tunnel at Lamas Caseronies
  • Production and Delivery of Concrete for AT Line Desalinization Plant at Punta Padrones Candeleria
  • Production and Delivery of Concrete to the Llanos Llampo Solar Power Plant
  • Production and Delivery of Concrete for Solar Power Plants at Salvador and Potrerillos

Concrete Production Plant

In the production of our Concrete we utilize the best materials the market has to offer, together with the highest standards in terms of quality which includes the lowest index in hydraulic shrinkage combined with the highest index in mechanical resistance (at both the initial and final stages). We provide a complete fleet of mixer trucks which utilize leading edge technology together with third generation mixing systems which allow us to produce high durability maximum quality products.

Our firm commitment to innovation and high quality receives the highest priority in our Company. The laboratory in which we test the quality of our Concrete utilizes the latest in technology which in turn allows us to guarantee our clients the most durable high resistance product possible—a product which surpasses the quality standards of IRAM

All of the above is reflected in all of our products:

  • Concrete Pumpable
  • Normal Concrete HN: Concrete for normal use such as concrete bases, foundations, etc.
  • Special Concretes HE: These are superior quality concretes which are especially designed for specific, rigorous use and which conform to current legal requirements.
  • Extreme Concretes HEX: Concretes designed to withstand the extreme stress and strain of severe climatic conditions—of very common use in the mining industry.
  • Shotcrete SH: High quality concretes that contain fibrous material (plastic or metal) which increases its ability to adhere with extreme firmness to walls, such as constructed for underground mine tunnels and/or in complex civil works.
  • Dry Concretes: High quality concretes prepared and packaged in a dry state in large container bags for long distance transport which allows for product hydration at the construction site.
  • Prefabricated Concrete PH: Produced in our Industrial Division, tested and sampled in our Laboratories, these products are guaranteed high quality and durable and conform to the most rigorous technical standards available.

Aggregates Plant

Our Aggregate Plant, located at Pozo Cuesta Cardones in the city of Copiapo, allows us to guarantee a high standard of quality for all of our products. In addition to this we are constantly concerned about our obligation to fulfill our responsibility to the current environmental protection standards, thus assuring the best results in the utilization of our products.

Asphalt Plant

Our Hot-Mix Asphalt Plant, located in the Industrial Division, relies on highly trained, qualified technical professionals. This Division also utilizes leading edge equipment that meets the industry’s highly demanding standards, fulfilling our obligation to maintain strict technical viability and allowing us to depend on top quality in-puts and aggregates.

Workshop Services

We offer top quality specialized Workshop and Soldering services, with various options in both quality and cost. These services allow us to provide our clients with effective maintenance support while optimizing repair time.

  • Cylinder Repair
  • Housing Repairs
  • Bucket/Scoop Repair
  • Shovel Repair
  • General Soldering and Workshop Services

A simple of some of the Works we have completed: