Engineering and Construction

Vecchiola is a Company that offers integrated mining services specializing in the following: construction of leaching pile deposits, construction of tailings cotainer walls, construction of mining roads, construction of civil works and general construction projects.

Construction of leaching pile deposits

We provide the expertise necessary for the construction of leaching pile deposits under strict national standards using the hydro-metalurgical process which allows us to obtain the copper from the oxidized minerals by the application of a solution composed of sulfuric acid and water.

Construction of tailings retention walls

We construct retention walls for tailings deposits that are safe and secure for storing the milled materials together with their reactive liquids that are generated during the leaching process.

Construction of mining roads

Our road construction equipment employs the latest in leading edge technology which allows us to construct mining roads that are firm, dependable and efficient, and are constructed within tough environmental standards.

Some of our completed road construction projects include the following:

Los Bronces
Las Tortolas.
Escondida Mine
Engineering, Construction and Overliner Plant Operation for Sulphide Leaching Project.
Bellavista-La Cuca Minerals
Engineering, Construction and Benefit Plant Production.
Candelaria Mine
Engineering and Wall Construction.
Dayton Mine
Engineering and Construction of Primary Crusher Plant.
Candelaria Mine / La Coipa
Construction of Leaching Pile Deposits and Construct Mining Roads